Homeland Security

Dr. Van Romero New Mexico TechSince the mid 1990s, Homeland Security and Emergency Management has been an emerging and evolving field that requires the horizontal re-engineering of national security roles and traditional state and local public safety, public health and healthcare disciplines. It has changed the risks facing the security of the national infrastructure that Americans rely on for their daily lives. Since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 and the devastation of Hurricane Katrina there has been a national mandate to address this challenge.

DRS International brings thought leadership and significant practical experience to the process of public policy and business development as it applies to homeland security and emergency management. This environmental impact requires change leadership to connect fields that have not been integrated heretofore. It also requires innovation that seeks to keep costs for capability development down for state, local, and private interests and to maintain simplicity in the final product. DRS International excels in this practice.

This complex transformation has practical, political and fiduciary business implications that impact all levels of security and emergency organization, from first responders to board rooms across the country. Current media news cycle can force organizations into the international spotlight of a crisis at a moment’s notice. Pre-planning for these possibilities directly affects business operations. DRS International will help navigate these changes facing every organization.

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