Systems Engineering

Effective product/facility development and technology innovation requires systems engineering discipline that is initiated by needs analysis and capability assessment, followed by concept development, prototype test and evaluation, and fielding the system.

DRS International specializes in spiral analysis to organize complex situations into manageable pieces. Creating project schedules and milestones that keeps development on track is a critical part of the process. DRS International will focus on eliminating problems and roadblocks to ensure progress toward achieving tangible outcomes at each milestone. DRS International also has unique insight into the application of the Federally Funded Research and Development Centers (FFRDC) and University Affiliated Research Centers (UARC) to expedite capability and technology transfer to state and local government.

The Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation Cycle (RDT&E) is a key to modern business success, especially in the emerging homeland security and emergency management field. DRS International will guide clients expertly through this process.

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